Luxxor® Video Microscope

LUXXOR® Video Microscope
System Magnification 15x - 200x* (* with 2.5x Converter)
F/# 4.5
Working Distance 90 mm
Field-of-View 24 mm - 4.0 mm
Resolution in Object Space 5 microns
Camera 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024 pixels), 1/2" CMOS
Stage 2-axis with rack and pinion focusing
Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.001" at 15x
Illumination Unit 2 adjustable, LED Goosenecks
Video Output USB 2.0
Power Supply 110 VAC
Table Size 280 mm x 250 mm
Maximum Object Height 410 mm



Model# Description Price   
Luxxor® Video Microscope
LVM-1 Luxxor Video Microscope £4,995  
LVM Accessories
VC-35 Borescope Adapter (optional) £395  
LVML-25 25mm Lens (~7x mag.) £590  
LVML-12 12mm Lens (~3.5x mag.) £500  
1.5X CVTR 1.5X Converter £55  
2.5X CVTR 2.5X Converter £55  


Not Applicable




Luxxor® 35 LED Light Source
The new Luxxor® 35-LED Light is just as bright as its metal-halide predecessor (LXX24) however, the lamp life is 50,000 hours (vs 500)! The light intensity is now also much more controllable, with both coarse and fine dimming. (Luxxor Light Guide required) # LXX35-LED . . .  £995. Get Details
        Luxxor® 50 Light Source
To photograph very large, dark cavities, like the combustion chambers of turbine engines, marine diesel cylinders, or tanks, the Luxxor® 50 Light Source is incredibly powerful. Its 50-watt metal-halide arc lamp is twice as bright as the Luxxor 24. #LXX50 . . . £2,995. Get Details
Hawkeye® SuperNOVA™ LED Light Source
The new Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED delivers more light, longer run time, LED longevity, and more convenient intensity control. It is 90% brighter, and runs twice as long as the old Hawkeye SuperNOVA, all in a 25% smaller package. Intensity control is now more convenient and versatile. . .  £275 Get Details
        Hawkeye® LED Light
This newly designed LED light source delivers brighter, whiter light than the Mini Maglite® flashlight, and offers much longer lamp life. Operates on standard AA batteries. #HAWKEYE-LED . . . £135. Get Details
Luxxor® Light Guide
(required for Luxxor 24 & 50 Light Sources)
The Luxxor® Light Guide connects to all Luxxor Light Sources and all Hawkeye® Borescopes. This high quality, 2.13 m. long Guide is required for all Luxxor Light Sources. Light is transmitted through glass fiber optics which are surrounded a protective stainless steel coil. High light coupling efficiency is assured with its 4.0 mm diameter active area. #LXXLG . . . £225. Get Details

        Luxxor® UV Light Source
This 200-watt, Mercury Arc Lamp, UV Light Source is amazingly bright, and allows users to easily switch from white light to ultraviolet (UV) light! In the UV mode it works best with shorter length Hawkeye rigid borescopes. #UV-LIGHTSOURCE . . . £6,900. Get Details