When the entry path is straight... Hawkeye Rigid Borescopes delivers our highest image quality, are very durable, and a great value!  Diameters from 1.8mm to 7.2mm, and lengths from 50 mm to 940 mm, we make the right borescope for your application. When the entry path is curved...
Hawkeye Flexible Borescopes offer the finest quality for your money, with excellent image quality and construction, fiberscopes from 0.5mm to 8mm diameter, and 0-, 2-, or 4-way articulation.
  Fully portable or benchtop systems... Hawkeye videoscopes offer superb image quality at half the price of another videoscope . . . great for aircraft service, power gen., castings, and more! View, measure, and capture at up to 200X ... The Luxxor Video Microscope offers measurement capability and digital video quality! With 15X to 200X zoom capability, it’s easy to use, and offers comfortable viewing. More light, connection to video & more ...
We offer a full line of light sources and borescope accessories, including metal halide arc lamps, UV light sources, LED lights, video couplers, light guides, and more!
Metal machinists use rigid Hawkeye Borescopes and Videoscopes to inspect for burrs, defects, surface finish, and more, even inside deep or narrow bores.
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Use a Hawkeye Flexible Borescope or Hawkeye Videoscope to quickly check for voids, sand, and flash, even inside complex castings.
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The quality and integrity of any weld, even in long tubes or complex parts, can be quickly evaluated using a Hawkeye borescope or fiberscope.
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Inspection of aircraft, diesel, and automotive engines can be quickly completed, without engine tear-down, using a Hawkeye Borescope or videoscope. Learn More > Hawkeye Borescopes image the inside of a rifle barrel showing even tiny defects in the rifling and chamber, clearly and at high magnification.
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V2 Video Borescope