Quickly and easily inspect for sand, voids, flash, and surface finish irregularities, even inside complex castings!


Casting Inspection

Manufacturers of even the most complex castings for automotive, aviation and other applications now have a fast, affordable way to improve quality control in their visual inspection process with Hawkeye Pro Borescopes. We stock over 70 models of rigid, flexible and video borescopes, and accessories, at prices far less than comparable instruments. Hawkeye Pro Borescopes provide highly detailed images of sand, voids, flash, surface-finish irregularities, and numerous other defects that can seriously affect the quality of a wide range of mission-critical castings like fuel & hydraulic systems, engine blocks, medical equipment, and much more.

Void in casting after machining
as seen with a
Hawkeye Pro Hardy 180 mm
Sand visible with a
Hawkeye Pro Slim 305 mm Rigid Video Borescope
Flash as seen with a
Hawkeye Pro Flexible Video Borescope


Gradient Lens Corporation manufactures over 80 models of Hawkeye® rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and a complete system of interchangeable borescope accessories. The Featured Products below are just three examples Casting Manufacturers find particularly valuable.

Hawkeye V2 Video Borescope
The new Hawkeye V2 Video Borescopes represent the next generation of fully portable, articulating, video borescopes manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation. The Hawkeye V2 is brighter, has higher resolution, and is more durable than most other portable videoscopes on the market today.
  Luxxor Video Systems
The Luxxor Video System can be used with any Hawkeye Borescope, and any laptop or desktop computer. Video and still images can be captured, stored, documented, and emailed. 
  Hawkeye Pro Flexible
Priced less than £6000, a cost of around half that of comparable instruments, Hawkeye Pro Flexible borescopes provide highly detailed images of cracks, burrs, voids, flash, surface-finish irregularities, and numerous other defects. 


An engine head casting is inspected with a Hawkeye Pro Flexible Video Borescope.




Featured Story:

Tell Tool

Tell Tool ensures quality by using Hawkeye borescopes to visually inspect 98 percent of the pieces it manufactures.  Borescopes are a key component in Tell’s visual inspection process because of complex geometries that are common in its products.  For instance, Ostrowski notes, some component cavities might be 100 to 150 mm into the part., . . . learn more