Metal Machining

Quickly inspect for burrs, defects, surface finish irregularities, cross hole alignment, and more, even inside complex parts!


Metal Machining & EDM Inspection

Metal machinists of automotive, aviation, hydraulic and other precision parts can inspect for internal burrs, defects, surface finish irregularities, and more, even inside deep or narrow bores. Hawkeye Precision Borescopes allow fast, reliable visual inspection inside complex machined parts and through very small openings that could never be seen with the naked eye... including inside fuel injector nozzles, engine blocks, transfer cases, brake manifolds, hydraulic assemblies, valve seats, and more.

Button rifled .204 Ruger
as seen with a
Hawkeye Pro Slim 435 mm
Diesel injector body
taken with a
Hawkeye Pro Hardy 180 mm
Burr in a cross hole in an
ABS brake manifold
viewed with a
Hawkeye Pro Slim 180 mm


Gradient Lens Corporation manufactures over 80 models of Hawkeye® rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and a complete system of interchangeable borescope accessories. The Featured Products below are just three examples that Metal Machinists find particularly valuable.


Hawkeye Pro SS 102 mm
At just 2.49 mm in diameter, the Hawkeye SuperSlim is the perfect choice for inspection of fuel injector nozzles, fuel manifolds, and many other very small bores.
  Luxxor Video System
The Luxxor Video System can be used with any Hawkeye Borescope, and any laptop or desktop computer. Video and still images can be captured, stored, documented, and emailed. 
  Hawkeye Pro Slim 180 mm
The Pro Slim offers the best combination of small diameter, length, and bright illumination. Most machined metal parts afford ample access for the Hawkeye Pro Slim borescope and 90º mirror tube. 




Featured Story:

Hartzell Propeller

Hartzell Propeller uses Hawkeye borescopes exclusively because they are easily portable, dependable, accurate, and very cost-efficient.   Because the company’s manufacturing and service operations are in multiple facilities, Hawkeye borescope systems can easily be moved from building to building as needed. Hartzell primarily use rigid borescopes, 180 to 560 mm in length, . . . learn more